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My son has had daily chronic headache since October.  All MRI mra bloodwork normal.  He has done pt nerve blocks and many meds.  Nothing is working.  I hesitate to take
Him to a chiropractor because I don't want his neck cracked. However I am also not sure if a
Chiropractor could help him. We have tried everything and nothing worked.   Would it be worth it for a chiropractor to see him?

Hi Susan,

Headaches are one of the most common conditions that chiropractic can help with. Specially in your son's case where everything else seems to be ruled out. I personally see babies and kids as well as adults. There is no real harm in a chiropractic adjustment if he is the right candidate for it, he will get results. Your son may have some soreness initially, but even that is rare. I would highly suggest you take him to someone who specializes in pediatric (assuming he's younger). Be sure they take x-rays or look at the x-rays you have.

Good luck!

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