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This is one of those off the wall questions that may be out of your expertise, but thought I'd try. There is an orthopedic expert here, but he specializes in the foot and ankle. I test drove a car that I want to buy and I love everything about it, expect for one thing. The seats felt really hard to me, not too comfortable. Other people say the opposite about them, but I'm an older thin guy and don't have a lot of butt 'padding' so maybe that's the problem. Can the body (butt) get used to something like that? If not, would a cushion solve the problem? I would hate to buy a new car and always be uncomfortable sitting in it. Thanks

Hi Lee,

Seat comfort is very important. Uncomfortable pressures are tolerated for short commutes. If you feel a significant pressure or "nagging" in 15 minutes or so, the seat will be near intolerable after some length of ownership.  The problem is the repetitive accumulation of micro trauma or insult.  When selecting a car for comfort, the seat should have adjustments that are manual or electric that relieve the pressure in your back or buttocks and hamstrings after adjustment.   Some cars have better seat designs.  There are consumer reviews for the most comfortable cars and car seats.  Volvo, Buick, Lexus and many others have models with softer seats.
A cushion will solve the problem but it may be easier to pick a car with a better seat. Cushions also wear out quickly and may be cumbersome.

If you have a weakness in your back, gluteal muscles or have spinal degeneration, finding a comfortable, adjustable car seat is a priority.

All the best,

Dr. True


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