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I never had any back issues. I am a gymnast and quite flexible. I did a lot of trampoline jumping today. After jumping I laid down on the trampoline a litte, and when I wanted to get up, my mid back hurt.

It is fine when walking or lying. It hurts when I round my back, but not when I arch. It also gets worse when I put my chin towards my chest, especially with my back round. It is not a sharp pain or something, more pulling and dull along the whole mid back. But it is not on the spine directly, but on both sides of the whole back equally. There is nothing tender to touch.

What could that be?

Sounds like some spasm of the spinal muscles. You may have jammed up the joints of the spine also. You could have this easily treated by a chiropractor if the symptoms persist. We have seen many gymnasts over the years with back pain caused by the repetitious strain associated with gymnastics.  


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