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hi scott, I have had neck strain for the past week. I also been on the computer late at night which I think is causing the neck strain. almost right afterward I began walking unbalanced like my equilibrium is off. what should I do about this and what steps are necessary to correct the problem. I would really appreciate it.

Dear Christopher,

Well, first off, you really have not provided me with a lot of information.  Therefore, the logical response to your question is this: Stop going on your computer late at night, and be more aware of your sitting posture and ergonomics when using a computer.  if you are sitting at the computer in a constrained position, e.g. in your bed with your neck jammed, then get out of that situation and sit upright.   If your problem persists, then go to a quality doctor of chiropractic and get your neck checked out.  

'Hope this was helpful.

Dr. G'  


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