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Hello I've always had back pain but I've always had jobs where I'm on my feet all day. When my back hurts it's usually my lower back and my shoulder blades but for some odd reason my lower back feels better when pressure is put in it. My fiance will put his hand flat on my lower back abd push and hold it there for a few mins and it actually feels really good on my back but he's worried because he says when he does that he's putting almost all his weight on my back and that's probably not good for it. My question to you is do I need to see a chiropractor for this or see a doctor first to find out why tons of pressure on my back makes it feel better? Thank you so much for your time :-)

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Heather- I apologize for taking so long to respond to you. Now being a chiropractor of course I am going to lean towards sending you to a colleague. However the reason why what your boyfriend is doing helps is because the sacrum the area I presume he is working on is your spinal base.
The base often goes out and causes pelvic imbalance and muscle strains that can easily lead to a herniated disc problem later on.
I don't think he can hurt you by putting his weight on it. After all you are getting some relief so something good must be happening.I recommend that he moves his hand contact points a little as you open and close your legs. Your legs should be up in the air and you should move them in and out as the pressure is applied. This action will allow the sacrum to go back into place.
I think it is safe enough and should buy you time until you get to see your chiropractor. I have to admit that there is not enough emphasis on the sacrum when treating low back pain issues. YOU will need a chiro for the symptoms you have between the shoulder blades so you might as well make the appointment.  If you have any other questions reach out to me.
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