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I play college golf, and i hit around 300 balls everyday along with putting practice. I had this injury occur last fall, and i went to our on school trainer. I have pain right underneath my left shoulder blade, and close to my spine area. I only get the pain whenever i am starting my downswing and follow through. It hurt so bad i had to miss our last tournament of the fall. I gave it all winter to rest, and now this spring have played without terrible pain, but it is coming back. I have been told it is a subluxing rib, but they don't seem to do anything about it. I want to continue my career, as i am pretty good at the sport, but i don't know if i will ever see any relief. Please tell me what i should do, and i hope it doesn't include going and paying hundreds of dollars to a chiropractor to put me on a  machine for 15 minutes... like i said, i am a college student who is poor. i can't afford that

A chiropractor can adjust the ribhead that may be the issue and it should only take a couple of treatments. Most insurance covers chiropractors and if you don't have insurance, student discounts may be possible. I can direct you to someone if you let me know what city you are in. I don't know of any other treatment that will be the most effective for this other than a chiropractor.


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