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I'm 20 year old guy. 2 weeks ago I started having a strange feeling whenever I played video games for an hour or long in my bed resting my head on the wall and neck on pillow, actually i am mostly staying in this position. After the strange feeling appears it stays for the rest of the day. And when this happens, if i even apply a small pressure on the back of my head the feeling gets worse, i sometimes get little nauseated. The first day i couldn't sleep well because of the strange numbness feeling on the back of my head and i couldn't rest my head on the pillow. I went to the hospital to check my eyes (i have myopia on right eye), sinus (i had infection) and CT scan, the doctor told me that there is nothing wrong with me and they don't think that the problem is with the eyes sinus or brain.

Today, after a few days i have the same problem which started after i played a game but this time in a table like normal people use computer. I am even wearing glasses for the myopia. Also, when i move my neck sometimes i hear the bone cracking with a single small "tick" sound on the base of the neck. I stopped staying in that position already. I usually sleep on my sides and read or use laptop in the bed sleeping side-wise and it does not trigger the strange feeling.

So, if not sinus or eyes or brain, can this be because of my bad neck posture which caused fractures on the spinal chord?


Hi Garba,

What you are describing could be caused my multiple things. The only thing that it seems you haven't explored is a pinched nerve. The next step (because you have ruled out everything else) would be to see a chiropractor, have some x-rays done to see if the structure of your spine is causing nerve pressure. Without having this information, your condition and diagnosis stays incomplete.

Good Luck!

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