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i went to the chiropractor about my neck pain. after x-rays i was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.  he wants to treat it with this pro adjuster. have you heard anything about using this technology--good or bad. if so, how long would my therapy need to be--a month or two.  thank you

Dear Brenda,

The length of care, first of all, depends a lot upon your outcome goals.  First of all, please be aware that there is nothing that will eliminate or reverse your osteoarthritis. At best, you can hope to slow its progression.  Some say that OA is the result of mechanical dysfunction over time, so the theory is that if you improve the function of the spine, the progression of the OA could be slowed. Notice that I said "theory". Like many things in health care, this concept is not proven, only theorized.  In my mind, you should have three goals:

1) get out of pain. This could take from just a few days to a few weeks.
2) stretch, strengthen, rehabilitate. This will require specific exercises for your neck and upper back region. These can be taught in a few sessions, and then should be practiced at home. This phase of care could last 2-4 weeks.
3) maintain and manage your progress. This, in my mind, is best done by continuing your exercises at home, and receiving once per month adjustments with your chiropractor.

As for the "Pro Adjuster"...   I have no personal experience with this technology, but from what I understand, it is simply a means of measuring temperature differential between the right and left sides of the spine, and then charting it for the patient and doctor to see. The adjustment is typically performed with an activator type of instrument.

There are many adjusting methods, each with its benefits and draw backs.  I don't believe that an adjustment with a pro adjuster is any better nor worse than any other technique. If it works for you, great. If not, your doctor should be flexible enough to change methods.

I hope that this gives you some thoughts and ideas.  Ask you doctor what his goals are and how he/she hopes to obtain them. They should be specific, with specific plans.

Good luck,

Keith Biggs, DC  


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