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hi scott, is there any supplement or cream that can heal nerve pain in the back. my left shoulder pain is bothering me but it seems only minor.  i probably should lay down more and not work on the computer so late at night. these things aggrevate my back. anyway i appreciate any information you can give me, thanks.

"Heal nerve pain"?   No.   Alleviate the symptoms? That's different.  Any topical on the market has the ability to lessen your pain through various combinations of mentol, methyl salysylate, camphor, and capsaicin.  Some argue in favor of arnica, but I'm not convinced.   You just have to try some and see which ones you like.  Many love Biofreeze, but there's also Sombra, RockSauce, and Cryoderm.  Over the counter are brands like Flexall.  They will not heal anything.  They'll just dull the perception of pain by providing a stimulation to the skin.

'Hope this was helpful.

Dr. G'


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