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I have bulge right in the back of my neck that's been there for long time. In 1997 one person pressed my head strongly and I felt a click in my spine in chest area; I know something moved there. I didn't have pain then, so I didn't check it. Now I am 46 years old. I have been working sitting in front of computer jobs for 8 years, and my posture is not strait which affecting my lower back and neck - it's painful.
I changed my job to sawing vinyl boat covers, where I had to move huge pieces of vinyl while sawing it. My hands were under a lot of tense and pressure. Since then all of the following happening:
Only after doing this sawing job for 2 days I had a purple bruise on my left hand pointing finger- the middle third of it-  which freaked me out. I didn't hit my hand or anything like that. I studied crystal healing, so I immediately used a bracelet on that hand and within 12 hours bruise disappeared.
Also I started to have numbness in my hands when I sleep. If I sleep on the right side, left hand gets numb, and vice versa. I wake up at night to exercise my hands and they get back to normal.
I suddenly started feeling my veins as well, especially in my left arm where the most pressure was applied during work, just hurts sometimes for short period of time and goes away.
But the most what bothers me is pain in my neck. The bulge itself doesn't hurt, but sometimes the muscles around it hurt. After a friend massaged it vigorously, bulge itself became tender for couple of days, but now it is not.  

All of this is scaring me. I stopped working at sawing job two days ago. My other friend  is telling me to go to emergency room. I'd prefer to go to chiropractor, but considering blood circulation problem, I am not sure what specialist should I see. I do not have a doctor as I don't have insurance, but getting health insurance now.
I researched articles on chiropractors and discovered many scary stories when cracking necks killed some people. I am in no way saying that this will happen or happens all the time, just sharing my thoughts on it. Can you please advice? May be a good chiropractor in my area that you know of? I'd definitely prefer to perform MRI/CT scan before getting a session of chiropractic. I live in Altamonte Springs, FL.

All this issues are scaring me a lot as I live alone; no one to help if something serious to happen...

Thank you,


Dear Kim,
Having an MRI of your cervical spine is a good idea.  Most MRI centers will give you an affordable cash discount.  You may also have mild carpal tunnel syndrome along with degenerative disc disease in your neck.  If you contact me privately I may be able to refer you to a chiropractic physician close to your area. The problems you are describing are often easily treated with chiropractic care.  The risk is extremely low and often exaggerated by competitors whose interest and bias is non conservative treatment.  
Let me know if you need more information.

All the best,  


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