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Six years ago i over worked my lower back muscles while weight training ( used a incline bench to do 2 sit ups after working sets dead lift bad move i know )this left me unable to stand up straight without excruciating pain for around 5weeks. Because of this my motivation became non existent and i have now suffered muscle pain on and off over the years leaving me unable to train or long distance run as at that point i had lost near 10 stone in weight been ages 22 to 24 i was beginning to see my abs for the first time. now 30 and almost all the hard work undone now frequently having lower back pain which is worsened by sitting most days and have pain in right hip also eased by walking.i had a pin prick pain in my left heel for almost a year also which went away during times of back pain. Also i actually get pain daily from my facet joint when i move my right leg if not pain almost like rubbing. Is it possible my back or pelvis is unaligned itself slowly over the years due to over compensation of the muscles to counteract for the damage done. If so can i fix it and get my older self back. I have suffered mental health problems most adult life and exercise was and still is my antidepressant as medication is not always suitable. I've now became so depressed that its effecting my life and wellbeing and importantly my self esteem its not helping my family as in no longer my happy go lucky self in accusing my fiance of not finding me attractive and so on. I do realise  that a bit behaviour therapy's in order but a explanation and hopefully finding a cure or relief to the back problem would help to move forward and exercise to a level that will revese the mental effects. Thanks for taking the time to help

Hi Steve,

Appreciate the question and I'm sorry to hear about this nagging injury in your back. I can completely relate to the mental aspect of training as I see it on a daily basis with athletes and ex athletes as well as the "average joe".  Obviously the science supports exercise and endorphin release which makes us all feel great. Now let's get to your back.

From your detailed description, this sounds like you had a biomechanical lumbar strain initially that has now turned into further breakdowns of deep structures possibly. The inability to exercise regularly causes weaknesses throughout the core which puts stress on those deeper structures like ligaments, discs, etc. the pin prick sensation at the heel indicates potential sciatic nerve irritation being caused by either muscle and/or facet joint inflammation or possibly disc problem. The bottom line is that you need a solid biomechanical, orthopedic evaluation. I don't mean just a feel around and poke around evaluation, but an actual functional movement based Ortho exam. Look for either a sports based chiropractor or physician who will perform this exam and may order x-rays or MRI as needed. This will help rule out disc injury or spine instability.

As far as workouts, a return to form will require a change from what you remember before. Instead of your usual weightlifting strategies, get back to the basics using bodyweight exercises to build your body. The beauty of these exercises is that you learn how to use your body bio mechanically correct and it also protects your body from injury. The idea for you should be to first get cleared for exercise by your doctor. Second, you should begin an easy schedule of exercises again while building your conditioning and strength. This exercise needs to consist of flexibility and strength. I began over 5 years ago using this method of training due to injuries from weightlifting and I have never quit. Look up bodyweight routines or Convict Conditioning and you will see what I mean. Either way, the way to defeat this problem is activity as you know, but activity in a controlled manner until your deeper structures heal and catch up. Hope this helps you and feel free to follow up.  


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