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I have a 5 year old son who is on Autism Spectrum. Also he constantly suffers from nasal congestion or blocked nose along with hacking cough. We tried all nasal steroids, asthma medications, allergy medicines but nothing gave him relief. We also tried a Chiropractor in St. Charles but he said my son's body is not able to hold adjustments done by him. We want a pediatric Chiropractor, we live near Old highway 94, st charles. Please can u refer a pediatric chiro who specializes in Special Needs kids. Also I really want to know if adjustments done by chiro can help kids with autism or allergies?
Thank you.

Hi Jane,
Specific Chiropractic can help children on The Spectrum as well as with their Allergies and Asthma.
The best way to tell if your son is a candidate for this is to go through a few simple tests and answer some questions.
Not all Chiropractors are created equally and some have much better results than others.
For many years I have seen children as soon as right after birth to evaluate them for Upper Cervical Spine Subluxation and Brain Stem/Spinal Cord Pressure.
This is usually a main contributor involved in Autism as well as other health problems.
Because of my Brain Stem Specialty I have many patients that travel for hours one way to come in for care, it looks like you are actually in the same town and that is fantastic.
I actually just moved my office to St Charles after practicing in Creve Coeur for 7 years.
I would be happy to perform a consultation and examination and let you know if I can help.
Feel free to email me at

All My Best,
Dr Robert Arnone


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