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    I pulled my lower back by doing a "golfer lift" with a 20 pound dumbbell. I am not able to see a chiropractor for another 2 weeks. when doing the straight leg test I start to feel pain around 30 degrees. If I dorsiflex my foot I feel sciatic nerve involvement. Would sciatic nerve glides and tensioning be benefit at this point or do I need to be adjusted first. Also what, if any, stretches would be beneficial to perform?

Hello Rick,

   Most likely you injured a lumbar disc.  A orthopedic examination will confirm that or the exact area of impingement.  A MRI of the lumbar spine may be needed too.  Your doctor of Chiropractic will be able to determine the aforementioned.  Ice and light stretching (lay on your back and tuck your knees to your chest) until you get in for the exam.

Have a great day,

Dr. Brendon O'Brien D.C.  


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