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this may seem trivial but I am just curious why it happens.

Sometimes if I pop my neck or my back, I will lose my vision for a few seconds. My eyesight kind of flashes and and everything goes dark for at least 5 seconds.

You know how if you rub your eyes too hard/too long and you see colors and patterns and spots in your vision?

that is what happens.

Just wanted to know why does this happen??


Dear KMJ,
I am sorry to inform you that your problem may be serious and thus it is too difficult to answer in this forum.  You should see a neurologist and have an MRI of the upper neck, vertebral arteries and brain as soon as possible.  After completion of those studies, you may contact me if you are are interested, to discuss the results of the MRI and neurological consultation at AllExperts.
Some MRI centers have discounted cash prices, if you do not have insurance.
Best to you,
Dr. True  


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