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Dear Dr Mckay
I have been having pain in the coccyx area, I do not know if it is my  sacroiliac joint, For months I have had pain not bad but annoying in my  Iliac crest and in my little toe at the metatarsal near cutaneous bones into small toe and across the pad of foot ,it would burn if I walked too far. I am 60 year old and in good health, I was rocking back and forwards with my legs crossed with my granddaughter whilst sitting on a hard surface and I felt my tailbone hurt, this was weeks ago, now if I sit too long my buttocks hurts really bad and I am also getting a pinch in groin and into my labia like something is trapped, it hurts when it pinches ,I also have pain and slight weakness in the left  leg and that is the same leg with the foot problem, I have had the leg problems for years.
How should I treat this. Will it heal by itself as I am no where near  a Doctor and I am scared, Please I just lost my sister to liver cancer and I am in a pretty low place at the moment .I am so scared of everything and feel venerable and can only think of negative things about this I knew I had to talk to someone about this so I googled and came up with allexperts,I hope you can give me advice and I thank you

Darien chiropractor
Darien chiropractor  

plantar fasciitis book
plantar fasciitis book  
        Feeling a pinch in your groin that radiates to your labia send up red flags to me. You need to have GYN evaluate that separately. It is possibly related to your other issues but a thorough GYN exam is on order. Let her rule out anything related to that area of your body. Do not be afraid this is only a pre-caution. Notice "pre" caution.
        The fact that you have had the pain for a while is of concern. It is not getting better in fact it is getting worse.The coccyxgeal pain  could be separate from the toe foot pad discomfort from walking.
        Lets go and get everything checked out. A chiropractor for the bone and an GYN for the pelvic groin labia issue.YOU may need to a neurologist for the weakness in the left leg that is now chronic. After being examined your chiropractor can make the decision if you need a referral. It is safe to say that these problems will not go away on their own.I wish I could be of more help but there several things going on at once and without examining you myself personally i feel this is the best advice I can give you.
        If you have any more questions you can email directly.

Dr.Brian McKay

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