I want to know how to search for a chiropractor who specializes in treatment for ADHD/Autism. Is he called a DAN doctor? I am residing in Chesterfied, Saint Louis, Missouri.Can the adjustments done by chiro help to improve eye contact and social skills? Thank you.

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briam and the shark  

Seema  The term DAN doctor would not apply to a chiropractor more so to a medical doctor. There are chiropractors who help children with ADHD and Autism. There really is no cure for either disorder but I firmly believe that you can help children afflicted with ADHD and Autism by taking pressure off an already overtaxed nervous system. The brain calm down when you remove nerve pressure and nerve interference. All children would benefit from chiropractic care.
I want you to know that I think it is great that you are seeking out alternatives for what I presume is your child. It is bold and you are doing a great service to your child. I am going to make a suggestion of how to find a chiropractor who can help you in the St.Louis area. There are a number of people who feel that vaccines contribute to Autism. It has never been proven scientifically. However when your child is normal one day then receives an immunization and develops symptoms of Autism the next day you have to think there is a relationship. I looked online and saw an organization in Illinois you may want to contact to locate a doctor. If you ask them for a referral they will probably give you better advice than I can offer. They are closer to you. I think this is the best place to start asking around. You will get anecdotal advice that will get you somewhere a lot quicker then I can get you.
There is a program call Brain Balance that is a 6 month program to develop the right side of the brain. The reasoning behind it is that children with ADHD as well ASD have under developed right brain activity. Since the brain is plastic you can exercise the brain and enhance right brain growth.
Seema keep asking questions you are doing your child a great service.

Regards Dr Brian McKay

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