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I’m a 41 y/o otherwise healthy male. For years I have had slight upper back and neck discomfort with a feeling of “pressure” in back of head. About 3 months ago I experienced two episodes of a couple numb fingertips on my right hand. This last 10 minutes and went away. The last couple weeks I have experienced mild “tension” type headaches, pain around left temple and into the jaw. This discomfort also manifest behind the left ear (this area was actually tender to touch). The most aggravating symptom during this last two weeks has been the sensation of “skin crawling/goose bumps) in the left arm, hand, neck and leg. I know this is a lot of info and I have made an appointment with my doctor but I thought this might be something to run by a chiropractor too. Thanks for any insight

Hi, Thank you for asking my opinion on your problem. The headache you describe is a common complaint easy treated with chiropractic care. This may be the result of a slight misalignment of the upper cervical vertebrae.  The episodes of numbness in your finger tips may require you to have an MRI of your neck or cervical spine. Most commonly, this type complaint may occur with intermittent nerve root compression in the neck or compression of the nerves passing under the chest muscles as they travel into the upper arm.  There are other reasons to have goose bumps and a skin crawling sensation.  Are there any other symptoms such as weakness, blurred vision or changing locations of pain?  This should be discussed with the chiropractic physician.  If you can find someone using class 4 laser along with chiropractic treatment, you may have a quicker resolution of symptoms.

Let me know if you find a chiropractic neurologist or general chiropractor for evaluation and treatment.

All the best,
Dr. True


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