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My age is 24 and i am a software engineer . I wanted to know that "does looking down for mobile or computer causes the discs to degenerate ?" If yes than how many people are doing that in real life,in sports,in yoga poses ,in day to day life . If no than why do it is said to sit straight while using computer and when neck pains what is the reason for that pain?.

Please clear the doubts in the matter.

ANSWER: Rahul,

The body can be placed in a posture or position that is straining when it is kept there for a long time.   Sitting with the head slumped downward is not the same as sitting in a yoga posture.   If I had you pick up and hold a heavy book, as if you were going to pick it up and then put it down, that would be a typical and normal movement.  If I had you hold the book in one hand straight out in front of you, with one arm, and stay there for ten minutes, your arm, shoulder and neck will ache and hurt.   Sitting in a slumped position is straining when it is done for a long period of time.   It does not cause disc degeneration.  Disc degeneration has more to do with genetics.   You are prone to disc degeneration if your parents had it, and not because of your sitting posture.   You can injury a disc from sports and forceful yoga postures, causing it to tear or herniate.  Discs will not be caused to degenerate from your sitting posture as far as I know.

'Hope this clears things up.

Dr. G'

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QUESTION: thank you for your answer ,

so when neck pains after studying( looking down the book )and when back pain from sitting ....this is due to strain and not related to disc,have I understood correctly?

I have one more doubt .......Previously in college when i used to give exams for like 2-3 hours writing looking down the book I was not having neck pain but now when i give exams after about 1 hour i am having why it is straining so fast ? what to do now??

please help me clear this two issues...
Thanking you,

You probably used to do a lot of things in the past that did not cause pain...  Google: "accumulative strain disorder"  and you will get the idea.   Excercise to strengthen, and manual therapy such as massage and joint manipulation to improve your body mechanics.  

Dr. G'


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