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My back
My back  
Thank you for taking the time to look at this question. My name is Charles and I'm 21 years old and pretty health. I have always been nervous about my back because my uncle has ankelosis sponadlytis (no clue how to spell it,honestly) and I know it's genetic. I am the only son to my mother and I have 2 sisters, both with scoliosis. I haven't had my back looked at much ever and without medical insurance I don't have a way to see a doctor. This is some background. About 3-4 months ago I tweaked my back and got especially nervous. I was diagnosed with anxiety years ago so that is to no surprise. I say I "tweaked" by back because I woke up and felt fine as far as I can tell. I walked to the kitchen and got a drink and came back to the room and sat down on foot of the bed. After setting my drink down I turned my body and used my upper body to sort of thrust myself up toward the pillows. That is when I immediately felt pain and soreness in my lower back and couldn't move much or be in certain positions without being in some serious pain. The pain was aching and I needing my back kind of bent for some relief. The pain kind of started in my very lower left back on my hip and the pain would work it's way to my lower middle back and then lower right. It felt really terrible the first day and gradually got better with icing it and hot showers. It stopped bothering me entirely about after ten days. My question to you sir is should I be worried about what my uncle has? I tend to worry a lot and I'm constantly trying to stretch and see how far I can turn my neck just to make sure I'm not losing flexibility. Am I just worrying and this has a much more simple explanation? My back has been hurting randomly all day today. Upper back around my spine and lower back around my spine. Can stress cause this? Thank you again.

you have a lot to deal with as far as your anxiety but the best thing you can do is to get some xrays of your spine especially your pelvis particularly your sacroiliac joints because you are describing those joints as your area of your pain.Hopefully you can find a good chiropractor in your area but who ever you see find out how much x rays will cost first ask them how much for an AP and Lateral Lumbar x-rays would cost. If they wont quote you then call someone else.

Getting these x-rays is crucial to your situation. First and foremost you will know if you even have any signs of AS. I highly doubt that you do given your age. Pain medication is the worst thing you can do but if the pain is too much then just do the over the counter thing but taking more than listed on the label can affect your kidneys,bladder,and even your stomach.

Once you have the x-rays you and your chiropractor can formulate a plan of action.

So my opinion for someone in your situation would be to become a chiropractic patient right away because a few adjustments will help you immensely with your symptom complex. But more importantly getting regular chiropractic adjustments let's say 1 every 3 weeks will keep your spine moveable flexible and supple. By following this prescription these chiropractic adjustments will help prevent actually physiological laying down of calcium in your spinal joints and spinal ligaments. Makes sense doesn't it?

I see that you have quite a few tattoos.... my point being is that if you are scared of a chiropractic adjustment any one of your tats would cause about a thousand times more pain than an adjustment would ever cause. Get my Point.

Also getting x-rays of your neck in the future would be a good idea so you  can assess how your spine is doing.

Also you have to get the AS out of your mind because if you believe you eventually have AS then you will have AS. Now if you can say to yourself I will not suffer from AS at anytime in my life because I am going to the chiropractor and these adjustments help prevent the laying down of calcium in my spinal joints and ligaments. AS does not have a chance to attack my spine because I keep my spine supple and flexible.

Now if you want to blow your chiropractor"s mind then during your consultation no matter what he prescribes just say I see your point but I want to have chiropractic adjustments until I am out of pain and then I want to see you 1 time every 3 weeks to maintain my spinal health.

After he or she really! I am sure they will accept your terms.

What I have described may not be what you wanted to hear but it is a great solution to your anxiety about AS and your back pain. I can not promise nor am I saying that chiropractic can cure AS but I can say it will delay or even stop the physiological process that is called AS.

I hope you follow through and remember you can always keep me posted on your progress and I will respond to any further questions you have. Also if you like these comments my payment is for you to rate my opinion so please do.

Thank you and good luck!!


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