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I am 7 weeks post op from 2 incision ruptured bicep surgery/repair. Since my surgery I've had constant pain, pins and needles and swelling in my wrist and fingers. I thought it was related to being in an uncomfortable position in plaster, but 2 weeks after surgery I was placed in thermo-plastic splint where the pain etc failed to ease. After 4 weeks i was allowed to remove splint at home but continue to wear splint when away from home. There has been a marked increase in wrist pain with any wrist/finger movement (eg i cant even pick up or write with a pen without discomfort) I also suffer quite intense pain in my middle and ring fingers when i try to make a fist or fully open my hand. I still have a fair amount of numbness in my forearm/base of thumb which my surgeon said to expect but I also have numbness in my index finger. My bicep is recovering very well and i think my bicep tendon will make a full recovery in time. I tried to discuss these concerns with my surgeon but was berated for even suggesting maybe I had done more damage at time of injury than first expected and chastised for being a "WORRY-WART" I am 46 years old 6"2 tall and played A grade rugby league in my youth and still water-ski,mountain bike and generally try to stay fit. I have had broken ankles, partial knee reconstruction, hernia repair and numerous sport related injuries and believe I'm totally aware of the long/slow recovery involved and more than capable of dealing with pain/rehab. I am now concerned my surgeon is not prepared to address my concerns with an open mind due to his belief in his own brilliance. He has begrudgingly agreed to further xrays/mri scans. My questions to you DR REMY are (1) Do you think these symptoms will pass with time/physio? (2)Regardless of the test results should i seek a 2nd opinion? (3)Is it possible my Posterior Interosseous Nerve has been damaged in the incident that ruptured my bicep tendon.(My arm was shock loaded with excessive weight when fully extended).Any help/insight into what the problem may be or the best way to achieve a full stress free recovery would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time and your educated advice/opinion best regards Steve

Hello Steve,

1. yes you should be starting physio as soon as possible. Physio will help to address the pain and any inflammation. But also, if there is some nerve impingement from scar tissue or swelling that needs to be addressed ASAP to prevent any muscle atrophy.
2. There is no harm is seeking a second opinion. you are your best health advocate, the more information you have the better decisions you can make.
3. I am not as concerned about your posterior Interosseous Nerve as I am about your lateral ante brachial continues Nerve. Thats the nerve that travels below the bicep and into the forearm. It is a branch of the musculocunateous nerve which is the nerve that innervates the biceps.

I hope this is helpful


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