If I'm having symptoms of slipping rib syndrom is my best bet to go to hospitial or doctor as soon as possible or is this something that will gradually change or go away on its own?

So first I apologize for my late response.  I did not get this email until today.  A couple of questions....Where exactly is the pain located (front, back, side)?  Was it the result of something traumatic?  Are you experiencing shortness of breath?  Do you have pain with deep inhalation?

If the rib is just "out", it can be handled conservatively with either mobilization or manipulation.  These can take time to heal especially if it is an intercostal strain.  The way I would treat the above in my office would be to mob/manipulate the corresponding vertebra in the back which can at times correct the rib subluxation.  I would then Ultrasound the area followed by supportive taping and exercises to assist recovery such as Open Book exercises.  


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