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After 3 cervical surgeries over the past 7 years I'm experiencing what I believe is brachioradial pruritus. Today I visited a neurologist hoping for some answers but he had never heard of this condition and dismissed my concerns. Unfortunately you aren't in my health insurance network (BCBS); can you recommend someone in the St Louis area who is familiar with this condition?

I am sorry to read of your troubles.
That can be extremely frustrating and is likely caused it at least majorly contributed to by cervical spine subluxation(s).
These are spinal bones in your neck that are out of the proper juxtaposition and this is indeed my area of expertise.
Far too often do I hear about people who had necessary spine surgery which causes more problems from that point on.
Do you have any recent pictures of your cervical spine?
X-Rays, MRI or CT Scans?
I would be glad to look them over for you and tell you with more certainty as to the cause of your trouble as well the severity of the damage.
There is one other specialist in the state that I could recommend who may or may not take your insurance, he is in Rolla.
After analyzing your films I would be happy to talk with you and see if I can even help you first and foremost and then if we can make it affordable for you?

All my best,
Dr Robert Arnone


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