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QUESTION: I just started getting red swollen toes the tips of the toes - the three middle toes on each foot and my toes are very painful...also get leg cramps - both at night. I use Aspercream and it helps a little. I also take Glucosamine Chondroitin and Circulation and Vein support vitamins. They help with the leg cramps. What do you think might be is the cause???

I would love to answer your question but you did not give me enough information concerning your health. I need to know your gender age and your overall health history. I need to know if you are taking any drugs in the Statin family which is for high cholesterol.Are you diabetic do you have low blood sugar. Do you have circulatory problems. How much alcohol if any do you consume? Same with tobacco. Have you injured any part of you legs foot or ankle. Do you have low back pain.

I need as much information as possible Please

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QUESTION: I just turned 70 and do not drink. I do not smoke-never have. I take only blood pressure med Benicar 20 mgs. Have not had any circulatory problems. No injuries of any kind. Not diabetic. Low  back pain only once in awhile otherwise my general health is good. My last Doc check up I was border line Diabetic needed to watch my sugar intake. I normally do not use sugar, but eat lots of fruit lately.

Thank you

Concerning your health issues this is beyond the scope of this forum or at least from me. I highly suspect diabetic issues as well as circulatory as well. I would highly suggest you be seen by a medical doctor as soon as possible for these issues.The reason that I say it is above this forum is that your concerns need immediate and prompt face to face medical examination and intervention.

I hope you understand my candor as there is little I can offer with out you having a full medical work up.

Thank you and good luck.  


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