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QUESTION: I have been lightheaded for 20 yrs, all the time.
Lately, neck is painful to turn, and sounds crunchy inside.
I had inner ear test done. OK. CT done which revealed "arthritic change that is pinching nerves at 2 separate levels"
Noticed when I lift my head with hands, it clears. Family Dr. suggested therapy, which has made neck pain worse, and light headedness worse after I do neck moving exercises.
Is there a specialists DR. I should see?
Live near Cincinnati, OH

ANSWER: Yes I highly suggest you find a chiropractor that practices "functional Medicine" as well as regular chiropractic adjustments.

Here is an example when I did the research:

Call and ask how much a consultation would be and be prepared to bring copies your medical records as well as the CT report.

I am not specifically recommending this particular chiropractor but he did come up under Cincinnati function medicine practitioner.

I hope this helps!!

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QUESTION: Even the slightest turning of my head, side to side and up or down, causes me to almost pass out. Would a chiropractor be doing adjustments to make this worse, or to strengthen neck muscles?
I was told there could be blood vessel blockage in neck.
Would I see another type Dr. for that?

I dont think the chiropractor would just start adjusting your neck. Especially if you tell him all that you have going on. He may just be a gate keeper and get you to the type of healthcare practitioner you need at this time. I am not suggesting you have a chiropractic adjustment with out a proper evaluation. If you dont want to see the chiropractor then a neurologist would be the next best step.


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