I am in charge of occupational health and safety in 20 clothes store all around venezuela. We have plenty of workers complyning of pain due to long lasting standing. It is forbbiden to have chaires. Especcially girls have troubles with varicouse veins. The cashiers stand for more than 5 hours in the same position. what could I do?

First you need to determine if the workstation is at the most functional height for the workers torso height. Second the workers could be provided rubber floor mats to stand on. Third a small cube at approximately 6 inches by 6 inches cubed so that the worker can rest their foot on the cube while standing and obviously changing sides from time to time.

Additionally every 1/2 hour workers could do some functional physical movements examples of these would be to stand with feet at shoulder width and then the workers shifting their weight by moving their hips from side to side. Then pretending to do a hula hoop movement. Next is too stand at attention and then intentionally slouch between the shoulders and then immediately come to attention posture again repeating 10-15 times. Now stand at attention posture and roll the shoulders up towards the ears as high as possible and roll forward then do the same rolling backwards. Next would be to move the head and neck in every range of motion rotation, flexion and extension lateral R & L bending.

how to hoola hoop

I hope this helps


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