I am in charge of occupational health and safety in 20 clothes store all around venezuela. We have plenty of workers complyning of pain due to long lasting standing. It is forbbiden to have chaires. Especcially girls have troubles with varicouse veins. The cashiers stand for more than 5 hours in the same position. what could I do?

Gracias por su pregunta . Hay muchos problemas físicos causados ​​por pie durante largos períodos de tiempo. La única solución eficaz es permitir el movimiento dinámico de la persona, y permitiendo al menos 10 minutos de descanso en una silla, un taburete , o permitiendo que la persona que estaba en la posición de Trendelenburg , en la que el cuerpo se coloca plana en la parte posterior ( decúbito supino ) con los pies más altos que la cabeza por 15 a 30 grados. Esto podría hacerse en un área designada , como una sala de descanso del personal. Aunque su política corporativa prohíbe actualmente estas medidas , a largo plazo, un cambio de política sería probablemente eliminar muchos de los problemas físicos asociados con pie durante largos períodos de tiempo. Espero que esto responda tu pregunta. Buena suerte.

Thank you for your question. There are many physical problems caused by standing for long periods of time. The only effective solution is to allow dynamic movement of the individual, and allowing at least 10 minutes of rest in a chair, a stool, or by allowing the person to lay in the Trendelenburg position, in which the body is laid flat on the back (supine position) with the feet higher than the head by 15-30 degrees. This could be done in a designated area, such as a staff break room. Although your corporate policy currently prohibits these measures, in the long term, a change of policy would probably eliminate many of the physical problems associated with standing for long periods of time. I hope this answers your question. Best of luck.


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