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Hello. This morning I was laying on my side in bed, when I rolled over to my stomach I lifted my upper torso slightly to fluff the pillow. As I arched back I heard and felt a popping noise. There was immediate pain directly in my spine that feels like stabbing and it radiates in both directions across my back. When I bend over forward it brings the pain almost to a stop. If I stand straight up its excruciating pain but if I poke my chest out and arch my shoulders backwards I get a little relief but nothing near the relief I get from leaning forward. Could I have injured a disk? Should I seek immediate medical attention or can I to wait to if muscle relaxers I have will work?

Hi Karen
It seems as though you may have a rib type issue. Most likely a ribhead or thoracic vertebra out of alignment versus a thoracic disc issue.  Thoracic discs usually occur from trauma and are more rare than neck and low back. Get to a chiropractor who can evaluate you properly for disc or alignment issue. Some may take an X-ray if needed as well. May not be necessary based on what you told me so far. Muscle relaxants may help temporarily but eventually will wear off and you will feel it again. Get checked and adjusted.  


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