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it is very clear to me that my rib is been fractured from my adjustment. I have contacted the chiropractor about this and he assured me that this is normal. But this isn't sore muscles this is something entirely different when I breathe in, turn certain ways, cough, etc. I understand there is nothing that can be done for this, I just don't want to be told it's NOT what I feel "just soreness". Any advice on what I need to do?

Core Health Darien
Core Health Darien  
Sadly enough you are suffering. I do not question how it happened. It has happened to me. Rib belts have been helpful but fell out of favor. I suggest you go to a pharmacy and get one or go online. They stabilize the affected rib and allow you to breathe comfortably. The process can take up to six weeks. After that you should be fine. The rib brace has detractors but they are not in pain, your decision. I suggest you belt it. The relief should be immediate.
If you want closure write your chiro and let him know you are disappointed that he did not take responsibility.


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