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About 10-12 years ago I visited a pain management Dr. And told him about my severe back pain and that it 'felt as though my hips were trying to 'lock up''. He suggested I let him try something to help, and I agreed readily. He had me lay down on my stomach and massaged the muscles around my tail bone and hips for a bit, then I flipped over onto my back. He then balled his fist and placed it under me, again around the tail bone area or upper to mid pelvic area, center pelvic. He then leaned onto my pelvic area/hips and put some of his weight into it. Then the magic happens. It felt, no joke, like my hips just melted over or around his fist that was under me. I stood up and couldn't believe how much better it felt. It was like 99% of the pain just vanished. I still had some muscle problems in my back from a sledding accident years ago, but that was just weak inner muscles from lack of use, or over usage depending how you looked at it. Physical therapy helped that, which lasts for a year or two before I have to go back, but the hip problem has persisted for years, it comes back every year or two. The Dr. I used stopped practicing and I couldn't find him to have him do it again or tell me myself the EXACT way he did it or what it was called. And I'm always just too busy to go back to a chiropractor. I've been to a col different ones over the years but at some point they always seem to hurt me real badly and I get scared and never go back. So to the point, I was hoping you could tell me what he did and how exactly he did it( I've tried myself, with help, but can never get it to work like he did), or what its called so I can research it myself. I'm tired of the pain and limping all the time and the issues it causes at work and home. Please help. Thank you for your time.

Jason this is a tough question mainly because I was not there when you rec'd the miracle treatment. I do have a few questions to ask you. Do you exercise regularly. I hope you answer yes. My next question is what type of exercise do you do? This is where you can really help me help answer your question. I would like to know where you live, your age, do you smoke, do you take vitamins, have you had any falls or accidents in the past 10-12 years. Get me answers and I promise to respond right away. Dr Brian McKay

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