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I had made an appointment with a chiropractor, but then I read if you have osteoporosis, that you shouldn't go to a chiropractor.

I was diagnoised with osteoporosis about 4 years ago. I had weakness of bone in my hip and back.

I started taking stontium and I took the Achilles test on my ankle and the score (Bond Density) was -0.9. on 9-27-14.

I also took the Achilles test on 9-16-2015 and my T Score was 1.0

So, I would not think by the Achilles test scores, that I have osteoporosis anymore.

The chiropractor office will give me an xray.  I was also told that they do treat people with osteoporosis.

I am not having much pain.

I wanted to go to a chiropractor, because I thought It would just be good for my health.

Any tips or opinions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Any tips you can give me will be appreciated.

Yes, DC's treat people with osteoporosis.  However, do NOT get x-rays at the chiropractic office.  There is no need to do so unless you have an injury and the doctor is looking for a fracture or dislocation or other big-ticket item.  Obtaining x-rays for the purpose of assessing curves, posture, or alignment is not valid and should be avoided.  If the DC insists on x-rays for this purpose, then find another one.

'Hope this was helpful.

Dr. G


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