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Mark wrote at 2013-11-14 15:22:10
Hi Rob,

This is an ongoing problem I have experienced for two years now. I share the exact same symptoms as you - a bruised tender swelling under my knee cap after I go surfing or skating, or if I sit down and bend and extend my knee a couple of times eventually it will make a loud cracking sound when I extend it. This injury was brought on by excessive swimming, predominantly breaststroke.

I have sought out years of advice from oesteopaths, physiotherapists and a sport physician, all of which have given me conflicting advice and therapy options.

Originally, the physio gave me an improper diagnosis, telling me I had tight muscles around the knee and simply rolling on a pilates foam roller would reduce the stress the tight muscles were causing and I would fully recover within weeks.

After 6 months the injury had become worse. I then went to an oesteopath who said it was a bone misalignment, my tibia and fibula had shifted (supinated) under my femur during swimming. He then performed a simple but very forceful manipulation. Within two days the swelling had disappeared almost completely and my knee made a magical recovery, though it only ever healed to around 70-80% in strength. I returned to skating and surfing immediately.

Now a year and a half on I have gone through a series of episodic pains which have slowly but surely come back to haunt me. I have tried a good year of pilates as well as a series of other strengthening exercises but nothing is really getting rid of the problem. My knee is now in a critical state it is causing me distress at work and I can no longer surf!

Just yesterday I sought out the advice from an incredibly prominent sport physician. An MRI was conducted of which turned out to show absolutely no abnormal signs. My oesteo said this would be the case also. As a result the physician said it could be three things:

1. A peripheral meniscal tear

2. Plica syndrome

3. Patella Tracking

He suggested knee arthroscopy to determine and treat the nature of the injury. I am meeting with a knee surgeon next Tuesday. When I informed my mum, who has worked in the medical community for 8 years, she told me to stay away from surgery at all costs and a bunch of horror stories of people writing back to the physicians saying the surgery had in fact exacerbated the problem. I am incredibly confused and frustrated. Any advice would be enormously appreciated!



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