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gnungm wrote at 2007-12-13 15:26:39
"Unscientific" is wrong.

All I could say is that Dr. Burnham is awesome and he helped my wife with her ruptured disk injury with no surgery when no other doctors could help without surgery and I recommend HIO Chiropractic to everyone...

Simply Amazing, thanks Dr. Burnham


Dr. Timothy Durnin wrote at 2007-12-31 19:16:50
I would bet my career that her disc was self limiting as most are since the HIO had absolutely no effect on the lower spine. I suggest you research this further online to learn more about this. Flexion/distraction is proven effective for over 30 years and is FDA approved and well researched to prove it works. Why try something different when 90%+ of herniated discs are reduced with non-invasive decompression? Makes no sense, HIO is a procedure for the neck to free up nerve supply to the spinal cord and will not biomechanically change the position of a lumbar or cervical disc herniation since it is done at C0/C1. I don't doubt your wife got better, I am saying she would have anyway without the HIO technique.

Dr. Timothy Durnin

michael wrote at 2010-05-15 03:58:41
HIO is not an antiquated Chiropractic method.  The acronym Hole in One does not speak for itself.  In fact if words were self-defining, we wouldn't need dictionaries. In the instant case the term "Hole" is used to describe an anatomical landmark also known as the interodontoid fossa.  It is a normal characteristic of the atlas cervical vertebra. It is the concavity which appears at the center of the posterior aspect of the anterior arch of the atlas vertebra.  The term "One" in "Hole in One" refers to the odontoid process of the second cervical or axis vertebra.  The term HIO is not descriptive actually of the technique employed but of the intended goal of the technique; which is to reconcile the odontoid to the interodontoid fossa. This procedure is the foundation of all effective and lasting benefits from chiropractic care. Precision adjustment to re-establish the normal relationship of the aforementioned is the only proven way to reduce vertebragenic compression of the brainstem and spinal cord thereby allowing for the free flow of mental impulses to be restored to dead and dying tissue.  Recovery, relief, rehabilition are impossible in the human body in the absence of adequate nerve supply.  No other technique since HIO, which was fully developed by 1930, has ever been proven to outperform HIO in terms of remarkable results, brevity of patient recovery time, or overall patient cost.  

Leonard wrote at 2011-01-27 23:42:09
I went to a Dr. who does this HIO method and he helped me may be outdated because Chiropractics didnt continue this form of study which they should because it does help and it is useful...unscientific? why are you so defensive..your lucky you even have a job because this form is what really started it all thanks to Dr.Palmer...the other forms of Chiropratics....all that "crackling and twisting" in fact makes the situation worse. I wouldnt dare go back to those kinds of "back doctors"  

Lin wrote at 2012-09-12 02:21:32
Interesting.  I work for a chiro (not yet 50) who performs HIO.  I have seen many C-spine x-rays showing how HIO brought the curve back. HIO has helped me.


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