jeff wrote at 2008-07-14 10:00:05
Dear Kristy,

I am now on month 7 of EXACTLY the same thing you describe here.  I'm unable to work or do pretty much anything.  I hope above all hope you're feeling better by now and could perhaps share with me what you've learned.  if you even get this at such late date.  This thing is killing me.  Whatever you could share would be more than greatly appreciated.  I hope you're well; for both our sakes.  take care, jeff

Ash wrote at 2009-11-05 14:56:44
I just came across this post... I have been having very similar pain as described. If either of you figured it out, please share! I've have blood tests, xrays and a sonogram done and they found nothing wrong, so now I'm doing laser treatment with my chiropractor.

NeedRelief wrote at 2011-10-12 23:17:54
I have had this exact pain for 3 yrs.  I have seen countless doctors and they all say it is muscular.  I have self-internet-diagnosed myself with a torn oblique muscle.  Nothing really to do except wait.  However, I have a physical job which seems to agitate it.  It affects everything I do.  Sitting, standing, sleeping, bending over, rotating, throwing the baseball, etc.....  

George N. wrote at 2014-09-15 16:22:15
According to picture on internet of TORN OBLIQUE that failed to heal, that is exactly what I have.  Muscle sticking out like a hernia of right side. Three doctors have failed to recognize.  Have been sent to therapy with no relief. Pain first started in Feb, 2014 playing too much softball and tennis.  I am a senior, (77). Could not continue playing softball but did play tennis. All the exercises may have helped but finally after about 8 months, most of the pain is gone.  Will be just a very slow healer.  


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