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Sheila Ratzlaff-Chute wrote at 2010-08-07 02:49:01
Wow, glad to know I'm not alone.

I was told today that I have Chronic Sacroillitis. My first diagnosis and understanding is while working and vacuuming under a table at work, while on my hands and knees, and pulling the vacuum cleaner behind me, my twister and turning and pulling caused my Si Joint to 'pop' out, rotate, and go back felt like my left leg was gonna come off.  I went to the dr and she said no more vacuuming.  And I have Sacroillitis and sent me back to work.  For 2 years, my left left was uncomfortable, but pain was manageable...and I left the vacuuming to others.  Until 2004, I got a new job and they said I had to vacuum or I'd be fired.. I attempted to use a Carpet sweeper, hoping I could get by with a lighter carpet cleaner... one step and I was in excruciating pain! I sat the rest of my shift, drove home very slowly, and crawled up the steps to my apt.  I sat down on my couch and tried to figure out what to do next.  I waited until Monday to call the clinic and said I couldn't take it anymore.

The motion of the 'vacuuming' steps, popped me out further...Popping back in but tilted. Like rotated, or tilting my pelvis even worse than before.  I tried everything to pop it back in: stretching, Laying on the sore side, laying on the good side, laying on the floor and doing situps, I tried everything.  When I got to the dr, she was late, and I ended up crying because it hurt so bad.  the sitting was uncomfortable.  Doc said she didn't know what was wrong, and ordered an xray after I asked for one.  She saw a line across my spine and ordered an MRI.  the DDD and DjD was found.  Also Spondylolisthesis, Sciatica was assumed.

It is Chronic Sacroillitis with Stretched ligaments from the left side 'pop' out. (My dr said it popped out, rotated and popped back in, in 2002, the first work accident. Calcium drifted down to the joints from my own body trying to repair itself and since nothing could fix it, the calcium turns to Arthritis.  I was then diagnosed with "so much Arthritis as a 90-yr old woman" (I was 46.)  I was then given Pain pills and told nothing could be done.  I refused to believe that, and searched High and Low for a Dr to fix me.  I haven't found one yet.

doug wrote at 2012-11-17 01:26:25
I had a similar problem with sacral joint injury with hnp's at l4 l5 l5 s1 had percutaneous laser disc decompression bud still had pain after standing sitting and walking my chiropractor said sacral joint kept locking . had adipose cell treatment with platelet rich plasma nerve pain in legs and hips

slowly decreased along with nerve pain in both big toes and foot drop on right foot ( was told nerve pain below the knees is unusual with sacral joint problems)  


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