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Natalie wrote at 2012-04-16 20:10:00
After three weeks, I would seek other options.  Have you ever tried Myofascial Release?  It is an awesome modality.  It is a very gentle way of moving the fascia throughout the body.  Just because your pain is isolated to one area doesn't necessarily mean that the cause of the pain is at that area.    If you would like more information on Myofascial Release - Please check out my web site -    You can also look it up on line.  It would be my suggestion to find a Myofascial Therapist and speak to them about your issues.  I have found that many people seek chiropractors, and Physical Therapists before they look at all the options.  If PT, and Chiropractic have failed.... Try MFR  you won't go wrong.

Stacey wrote at 2012-12-25 08:02:41
I also have hip problems and the chiropractor can get to be very expensive.  I started doing some low impact exercises used for people who are recovering from hip surgery. look up on the internet post op exercices for people who have had a hip replacement.  I have been doing some three times a day and have found some relief already been doing it for three days.  Good luck.  


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