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Hi PatG, I am impressed by your profile and dedication to natural healing. I have a couple of questions.
1) I have a bladder infection and my doctor has given me a prescription to drink hydrogen peroxide. I wonder if anyone has ever tried hydrogen peroxide through a catheter into the bladder. What is the downside of that procedure.
2) I have sever pain when I pee. No problem other times. I think it is an enlarged prostate, but I have not had any MRI or test to confirm. Can you suggest anything for that pain. Also what is the most effective procedure for bladder infection?
All the best,

Hello, Kenneth,

You are basically asking for medical information about your condition. I cannot answer your question directly because I am not a doctor. Nor can I prescribe treatment.

That said, I can point you in a few directions. Drinking hydrogen peroxide does bear some risk. You have to follow instructions STRICTLY. I am not aware that anyone has injected hydrogen peroxide into the bladder with a catheter, but given the fact catheters can cause infection, it seems rather counter-productive to me. And there are risks of physical trauma to tissues or actual injury as well.

The most commonly promoted remedy for bladder infection is cranberry juice. I don't know how effective it is. But if you decide to try drinking it, be sure the juice does NOT contain sugar or artificial sweetener, because this will defeat the action of the juice. It should be organic, if you can find some. And yes, unsweetened cranberry juice is quite tart.

There are other remedies that are sometimes used, that are natural. You can find out about these by doing a search. I believe Dr. Mercola has discussed this, so you might want to visit his web site.

Some other possibilities include taking colloidal silver for ten to twenty days. Also, Xylitol is good for bacterial infection, but you have to be careful if you take it internally, because it can have some unpleasant side effects. You could try rubbing it on your skin above your bladder. I don't know how effective this is, but I have used it for a minor infection which is close to the surface of the skin. You'd have to do this for awhile. It depends on what TYPE of infection you have as to what the best remedy is. There are other remedies for various types of infections, including garlic and grapefruit seed extract (very bitter, by the way, even when only a few drops in water are taken).

The pain you are experiencing could be due to the infection, or it could be due to the enlarged prostate. There are herbal combinations that will address this problem as well. If you go to Newsmax and sign up for their health alerts, you will receive information from different doctors, and some of them have written about this topic. Usually, an enlarged prostate comes with other problems. These can all be addressed through herbal remedies.

I won't be able to give you a more extended answer at the moment, because there is something I will have to go do soon. But if you have additional questions, or cannot find the information I am suggesting, let me know. Take care. I hope you will soon heal.

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