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I am a little unsure about alternative therapies but am looking for more information and if this is something that may be helpful for me.  I am a survivor of sexual abuse from when I was a kid and still struggle with issues surrounding that.  I am currently in counseling and that is helping but am unsure if I should do something as an add on to that.  I have been practicing yoga recently and the benefits I have gotten from that are amazing.  
Can you tell me your opinions about this?  If you suggest that I look into alternative therapies do you have any suggestions about the type therapist I should seek out and ways to find them?

Hello, Tracy,

As you may know from reading the information about me, I come at these questions from a Christian perspective.

Yoga has possible spiritual entanglements. These may be the source of the benefits you are experiencing. So there is spiritual danger there. The real purpose of yoga is to introduce an altered state of consciousness when a person becomes suggestible to spirits. Some of the spirits out there seek to entrap. If you are looking for something that will help you to be more at peace, there are also supplements that help alleviate stress that may be very helpful. My first choice is to try phosphatidyl choline. This is a form of B vitamin. Stress depletes the body of certain vitamins and other substances, and B vitamins are high on the list of things that get depleted. Normally, a person will take about a gram of phosphatidyl choline, sometimes together with phosphatidyl serine. I do NOT recommend any kind of psychotropic drugs. They are VERY DANGEROUS, and people get addicted to them, and will experience withdrawal, sometimes severe, if they decide it's not for them, but these drugs also cloud a person's judgment. There are other supplements that address specific difficulties, so, for example, if you are experiencing panic attacks, try Evening Primrose Oil. If you observe that the panic attack subsides within minutes of taking a single dose, then this may well be the problem. This represents a weakness in the adrenal glands, which produce gamma linolenic acid when they are healthy. Such things in your food as Monosodium Glutamate can damage the adrenals, so that they don't produce enough. If you find this remedy works, make sure you are not eating anything with MSG in it. This would be a good idea anyway, since it is a deadly neurotoxin (i.e. excitotoxin that burns out the brain cells) that accumulates and can lead to dementia. Another substance to avoid is any artificial sweetener, particularly Aspartame and Sucralose. Aspartame is also a neurotoxin, and it breaks down into formaldehyde in the body, and in any warm place (a particular danger in summer). Sucralose is produced with some pretty nasty processes and chemicals, and loads the body with chlorine. Chlorine in its free form is poisonous. If that weren't bad enough, both Aspartame and Sucralose tend to cause or aggravate obesity. If you would like to discuss this further, let me know.

Probably the best possible counseling will be counseling that brings you to a point where you decide to forgive your abuser. This is the most healing thing I think a person can do. As a Christian, I recommend Christian counseling for this purpose. One formalized system of counseling I have learned about is nouthetic counseling, developed by Jay Adams. I personally do not have enough experience with it to suggest that it will be the best possible counseling for you. But any Christian counselor who isn't using any concepts of psychology, but instead counsels from the Bible, would be a good choice.

Forgiveness is a decision. It is the decision to accept the hurt and not to hold it against the person who hurt you. This is the way in which Jesus accepted our sins and died a horrible and painful death on our behalf, even becoming emotionally and spiritually separated from the other two Persons for a period of hours (which would have been, in some respects, an eternity, given that He is infinite). In like manner, if we want His forgiveness, we are required to forgive. It is part of the Lord's Prayer. Forgiveness is NOT an emotion. Our emotions are still clouded by sin, and they do what they want, and can be influenced. You may have to tell God, in prayer, that you don't want to forgive, and He will have to help you want to. Then make the decision to forgive, that is, to say, "I do not hold this against you," to yourself concerning that person, and if given the opportunity, to him as well. If you are able to talk to the person, it can heal a broken relationship and produce great peace in your life.

You may benefit from counseling offered for abortion experienced women, many of whom were also sexually abused. It is worth a try, to see if a local organization will allow you to participate, whether you have had an abortion or not. There are organizations throughout the United States, including your state. You can find the one nearest you by going to this web site:

If they are not offering this service to a woman who has not experienced abortion, ask them for a referral.

I hope this helps. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

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I can answer questions about which modalities are effective, and which are less effective, or outright quackery. I can answer questions about which modalities have a spiritual component, and explain why they do. I can advise Christians on which modalities they can practice without violating their faith. I can locate resources, that will help a person find a practitioner. I can help a person figure out what questions to ask of a practitioner, and what kind of practitioner to seek. I can also recommend internet resources for various health problems. I can discuss various martial arts, explain the theories behind them, and explain which require a spiritual component, and which rely on physical forces for their effectiveness. I have studied various religions for a number of years, and can talk about meditation techniques from a Christian point of view.


I have experience as a patient with a number of alternative therapies. I have researched many of them, and know which ones are more effective than others. I particularly focus on which therapies would be compatible with the Christian faith. Some modalities have a spiritual component, which is not compatible. I have also practiced herbalism with my family and friends for a number of years. I have experienced various kinds of physical manipulation for dislocated joints and other similar problems, and I have trained in the martial arts, which is relevant to some therapies. Martial arts are also therapeutic. I have also been writing a book on the uses of Sonoran Desert herbs, which already has 900 pages. It is a review of information in the literature, coupled with some of my personal experience. I have done the research for this book in eight languages. I also have done strength training and weightlifting. I am familiar with some technique and nutrition.

I studied the use of Sonoran Desert herbs with Peter "Bigfoot" Busnack. I studied midwifery with Norman Casserley, aka Mister Midwife. Three of my children were born at home. I have a second degree black belt in taekwondo and have also played judo and studied Kem Scrima Do.

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