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I am a 57 year old type 2 diabetic woman
since 15 years my fasting sugar levels are v high nearly 250
random are normal
I am not over weight and have metformin 500 twice
pls advise on alternate therapies

Hello, nasreen,

PS I found some additional information you may find helpful:

I don't know what the situation is with respect to pharmaceutical drugs in your country, but in my country, pharmaceuticals are a huge problem with the type of health condition you have. I have done much study in this area, and it makes me happy to be able to discuss your concerns.

I don't know what the standards are in your country for not being overweight. Often diabetes and being overweight go together.

The first thing that comes to mind is to make sure that you are taking as few pharmaceutical drugs as possible. If it happens that you are taking a statin, stop. This is a huge problem, and statins can cause diabetes, aggravate it, or precipitate it. And it does a lot of damage to the body in general. If you are taking any drugs for emotional problems, you will have to wean off those. Take a lower dose for a couple of weeks, and then reduce the dose again and wait two weeks, and continue until you are no longer taking any. If you need to discuss any emotional issues, let me know. If you have been taking statins, you should take CoQ10 (200mg daily of ubiquinol). Some of these things I will recommend are available on the internet, but I don't know who ships to your country, so you will have to find that out. Let me know if you are taking any other drugs.

Yes, 250 is quite high. And blood sugar DOES vary a lot. It even varies a lot from right after you eat until right before the next meal.

I am sure that you are aware that Metformin has a lot of problems as well. When your blood sugar begins to decline, you should take a smaller dose.

The major way to handle diabetes is with diet. It is important to eliminate as much refined carbohydrates and sugars from your diet as possible. Eat protein (meat, eggs, milk included), and healthy fats. This may be very different from what you are used to eating, but it does help very much. Refined carbohydrates includes things like bread and any kind of pastry. Sugars includes candy, cookies, cake, and so forth. You can eat just protein and vegetables (lightly cooked so they're still somewhat crisp, or raw if appropriate) for several weeks. Do not eat fruit at first. Wait for several weeks to start eating fruit. Healthy fats are animal fats, milk fat, coconut oil, real olive oil (do not use for cooking), but NOT vegetable oils. These are very detrimental. Also, I don't know if you have any genetically modified foods there, but if you do, don't eat them. If you don't know if they are genetically engineered or not, but do know that SOMETIMES they are, don't eat that food at all. Try to buy your meat and vegetables and fruit locally as much as you can, so you know how they are being grown or raised, and eat the ones which have been grown or raised most nearly as nature intended.

Also, get some exercise. Walking is good. Try to walk for at least 15 minutes several times a week. Walk briskly if you can. It is better not to exercise every day. You need to encourage your muscles to grow. This takes time, so they need to be rested.

There are some spices and other natural things that are very helpful for diabetes. I don't know what you have available in your country, but I will name some, and you can see if you can get them. Cinnamon is a very good idea. Make sure it is real cinnamon. Others include bitter melon, chromium picolinate (not a spice), Vitamin D3 (5000 to 10,000iu a day) plus Vitamin K2 (200mg a day). You can get some Vitamin D from being in the sun, but the darker your skin, the more time you will need to spend in the sun. Try to be in a place where you can expose most of your skin, and if your skin is light enough, stay in the sun until your skin turns pink. Do not use sunscreen. I realize that in your culture, doing this may be very difficult, but do it if you can, and if not, just rely on the supplement. I think Lotus Flower extract or tincture might also help, but I need to do more research on that.

I know diabetes can be cured, because I have seen it done. Also, I am 70, and I do not have diabetes at all, although it runs in my family, because I take care of myself in a similar way to what I have suggested.

If you can, keep in touch. Let me know how you are doing. Feel free to ask questions. If you can tell me more about your situation, it will also be helpful. I want to think about it some more, and may have other suggestions. Good luck with this. Take good care of yourself.

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