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QUESTION: I know I may be in the wrong Topic but any help will be ok.

My Mom is going to have 2 Teeth taken out and snd she has Pulmonary Hypertension.

She has it all under controle with Meds but she did have Cancer on the Tounge 2 Years ago.

She is doing Great and all is well but she may have to go into a Hyperbaric Chamber before and and after for a fue Day.

Would this not make her Pulmonary Hypertension Worse or Increase?


ANSWER: Hello, bob,

Indeed, this is the wrong topic, and I am the wrong expert to answer your question. Your mom is using standard medical treatment. It is a completely different mindset.

Hyperbaric Chambers provide oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. I would venture to say that the only way you can get an accurate answer to your question is to include the names of her medications. Without that information, it may be hard to say what effect this will have. Different medications react differently, but they all have adverse effects. Medications also usually will not heal a condition, but just manage symptoms. It would also be important to know WHY they want her to go into the chamber.

I would assume your mom won't listen to any recommendations you make, especially if they come from someone whose paradigm is alternative health therapies. Usually, a person who is involved with standard medicine is not open to alternatives. Standard practitioners use terror tactics to lock people in. In my experience, it can take months to years to persuade people to drop out of standard medicine and turn to alternatives. The fear has that great a hold on people.

Probably the best persons to ask the question are the doctor who wants her to go into the chamber, and the doctor who treats her pulmonary hypertension.

Good luck with this. Let me know what you find out.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My Mom takes   TriCleer   for her  Pulmonary Hypertension.
And if she has any Teeth out they told her she must go into a Hyperbaric Chamber for about 60 Days befor and 60 Days after or give or take.

To help with the Healing.

I just dont want this to make her Presure go up.

PS she is going to ask her DR. I just wanted to know what you think?

Hello, bob,

My suspicion is that the purpose is to oxygenate the blood better, so it should relieve any extra stress on her lungs. But again, the best thing to do is ask her doctor why he is ordering this.

Here is information on Tracleer:

It is always wise to check out the concerns before agreeing to any medication. IF the listed problems are not acceptable, start searching for alternatives. To my mind the fact that it is hard on the liver really means it is very toxic, because it is the liver's job to rid the body of toxins. The most common support for the liver among herbs is silymarin. If she would be interested in taking it, she needs to check with her pharmacist about possible interactions. He should have a copy of the herbal version of the Physician's Desk Reference. If he doesn't, you can probably find this information online by looking for silymarin or milkweed.

I hope everything goes well for her.

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