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What do you think of DHEA? I am 56 and it gets harder to lose weight and keep up my energy to exercise  as I get older.
I have tried a lot of different supplements over the tears, and honestly, apart from digestive enzymes(I have poor digestion) nothing works, or gives me unwanted side effects.
I have no major health issues, but diabetes, cancer, heart disease, you name it, all run in my family.
I am  a bit overweight, have poor digestion (avoiding gluten is helping!) and  hypertension (I am on medication), but that would improve with weight loss.
DHEA seems to be the answer for a lot of age related issues. Thanks for your opinion!

Hello, bud,

I don't personally have any experience with DHEA. Keeping your weight down as you get older is a completely different proposition from when you are younger. Your metabolism changes. Dr. William Campbell Douglass II thinks that expecting older people to exercise a lot and eat less food is utter nonsense. He's somewhat of a maverick, and I like many of his thoughts.

If you can afford it ($200 a month), Dr. Sears sells a supplement that lengthens telomeres. This may be the most effective thing you can do. If not, there are some cheaper supplements that will help.

I have taken a multi-faceted approach to the problem. I am having some success, finally. I won't have time tonight to go into a lot of details, but I will offer some suggestions. Proteolytic enzymes will reduce inflammation, and having excess fat is partly a symptom of inflammation, and cutting back on inflammation helps a person lose weight. This is how I first started to see success. They must be taken on an empty stomach. I am also taking a supplement called SlimSuccess (do a search on the name). This doesn't mean that what I am doing will work for you, however.

Fat is a safe place to store toxins, so work to eliminate toxins from your body. Your body will cling to fat, and the liver will store more fat, if you have toxins in your body. I don't know what you mean by hypertension, but the medication they give for it WILL SLOWLY DESTROY YOUR BRAIN. In other words, it does the same damage it is supposed to prevent. The reason is simple. The blood pressure is elevated because the brain is starved for oxygen, and elevates the blood pressure.

Various herbs can help relieve blood pressure. For example, Gingko biloba and vinpocetine will help. New guidelines have been set for blood pressure, and older people are not SUPPOSED to have 120/80 blood pressure.

Any other medications will also store as toxins, and will also be excreted by your body into the municipal water supply, so people who shouldn't be getting these drugs will get them. I would say that the major sources of toxins in most of our lives are pharmaceuticals, genetically modified "foods" and the pesticides and herbicides used on them, air pollutants, household chemicals, body products (soap, lotion, cosmetics, etc.) and so forth. Eliminate as much of this from your environment and from yourself as you can. If you want to avoid diabetes, dementia, heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, and wasted muscles, DO NOT TAKE STATINS. They are DEADLY, and should be given to NO ONE, especially if the person has no history of heart disease. It takes giving several hundred people these drugs for ONE to benefit. The rest just suffer side effects.

Eat meat, eggs (whole eggs), butter, coconut oil, milk products; do not eat a vegetarian diet because it will cause malnutrition. It will also unbalance your weight. Most older vegetarians I know are either very thin or very badly overweight. Do not eat anything with vegetable oil in it. Not healthy, and most are genetically engineered. Red meat contains L-carnitine, which regulates weight. There is no other source. L-carnitine is made up of two amino acids that ALSO only occur in red meat. It would be wise to take CoQ10 (ubiquinol) and krill oil. Eat fish, especially fish that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Spend time on the internet, reading everything you can about health issues, from alternative sources. You will learn a tremendous amount you can apply.

On another occasion, I can go into more detail about supplements specifically for losing weight.

I hope this helps.

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