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Hi PatG
Do you know anything about this? It is supposed to break up arterial plaque. I dont know how much I have, but at 56, being overweight with hypertension and a family history, I bet I do. The recent death of my buddy, who was almost my twin, made me take a hard look at my habits. I am walking, eating low fat, and starting to look and feel better. I am hoping a supplement might help too. Thanks!

Hello, Barry,

Although your question is not exactly in the area of my expertise, I can probably give you some help. I have used proteolytic enzymes for inflammation and find them very effective. The ones I have used are Doctor's Best, and they contain a number of different enzymes, one of which is serratiopeptidase. The substance has several names, but the spelling "serrapeptase" is not listed among them where I checked. I assume it is the same substance. Recently, I have read that inflammation is a major cause of arterial plaque, so reducing inflammation is getting on the right track. In addition, I learned that serratiopeptidase is derived from an enzyme that the silk moth uses to dissolve the cocoon when it is ready to emerge. Silk is obviously not the same thing as arterial plaque, however.

I have several additional thoughts. First of all, a low fat diet is VERY UNHEALTHY. A person should not eat most vegetable fats because they have a number of problems. Among them, some of them come from genetically engineered sources. This includes soy, cottonseed, corn, and canola. So a person should avoid these. Also not particularly healthy are peanut, safflower, and sunflower oils. A person NEEDS animal fat (Yes!) and that includes butterfat from milk, fat from beef, chicken, and fish in particular. A person needs the Omega-3 fatty acids that occur abundantly in some fish, such as salmon (but keep your eye open to see if they start to market genetically engineered salmon, and stick to wild-caught pacific salmon). Most people get way too much Omega-6 fatty acids, and it needs to be balanced. Probably the world's most perfect oil is coconut oil. It is extremely healthy, and can be used for frying. Olive oil is also good, but at least in my country, finding olive oil that hasn't been adulterated by vegetable oils is nearly impossible, and it is NOT labeled. Also recommended is macadamia oil. I haven't personally tried it. Instead of a low fat diet, it is recommended to eat a low carb, high protein diet. A person needs meat and eggs, and milk from the right sources can also be beneficial. Goat's milk if you can get it, cow's milk, both raw, if you can get them, from cows and goats that eat grass and alfalfa, but do NOT eat grains. In addition, it is beneficial to drink kefir, or anything else that is fermented, to replenish the intestinal flora, which in most people has been greatly damaged or destroyed by antibiotics, either those they personally have taken, or those given to meat animals. A huge source of inflammation is carbs, especially pasta, anything made of wheat or its cousins, and so forth. The best source of carbs is vegetables. Whatever you do, do NOT eat vegetarian, especially vegan. You WILL develop nutritional deficiencies if you do. Other good sources of healthy meat include any game animals (some of which are being farmed, and their meat made available). Chickens should be allowed to scratch on the ground, and should not be fed GMO grain.

In addition, I would recommend vinpocetine. A person can safely take 30 mg twice a day. This will help the circulation, and will tend to dissolve plaque. It also has other benefits, such as helping prevent dementia. It is an amazing substance derived from the periwinkle plant. Cayenne is also beneficial, and good quality turmeric (which preferably should be taken or eaten with a little black pepper to help the body absorb it.)

There are probably other things you can do, but this is a good start. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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