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Hi Pat
I have had digestive issues all my life. Lately I have found some measure of relief by avoiding gluten and dairy. I dont think I am celiac, just sensitive. Apparently, the medical diagnosis is complicated and involves eating gluten, getting tested, than going off. I dont even think my doctor would do it!
My friend recently said that she went to see a naturopath, who took a few blood samples and was able to determine she was also gluten and dairy sensitive, which in fact she was. Is this something I should look into? If its this easy with a naturopath, why not an actual medical doctor? Thanks Pat and God Bless!

Hello, bud,

It is somewhat difficult for me to be able to give you a definite answer without knowing more specifics about what symptoms you are experiencing, and what your diet is like in general, as well as your overall health, and what medications, if any, you are taking, as well as your age.

That said, if you find that not consuming gluten and dairy helps, it isn't necessary for you to be diagnosed specifically as having celiac disease, to continue to avoid these foods with benefit.

Medical doctors these days are trained (not educated) to be technicians. They develop a diagnosis, and then they prescribe a pill. They're drug salesmen, and not much more. There are a few conscientious exceptions, but not many. That's why I stay away from them.

The competence of natural healers such as naturopaths varies widely, partly because they are not held to standards in the same way as medical doctors. You will have to try one of them, and see what kind of results you get. Recommendations from friends may help. You might also try going to an osteopath. They get the same medical training as an MD, but also training in manipulating the body, and they tend to be less likely to give you some quick fix pill. Again, the knowledge they have may vary, so get recommendations from friends, try one and see if you get satisfaction, etc.

Here are some things that might help. Get your stomach acid tested. Depending on your age (if you are older in particular), the amount of stomach acid you produce declines. You may need to supplement with digestive enzymes. Bromelain is good, and readily available. Papain is also good, but offhand I don't know where to get any. If you drink some lemon water (no sugar, just lemon squeezed in water, and rinse your mouth afterward to keep the lemon from attacking your teeth) with your meal, this may help. You can also eat pineapple (source of bromelain). Your intestinal flora might be compromised. To fix this, make sure and stay away from antibiotics (if you have had antibiotic treatment in the past, this is a good bet), and consume pro-biotic food such as fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kim chee), or kombucha or kefir. Or, a doctor can prescribe a pro-biotic. If you restore your intestinal flora, this may help very much. Whatever you do, do not take a drug for this problem. The drugs are being irresponsibly prescribed, and not only will they cause serious malnutrition, but if you take them for more than two weeks, your body will try to compensate, and then if you try to refrain from taking them, it can backfire, and the problem can be worse than before. Notoriously, proton pump inhibitors (PPI) are very, very bad for you if taken for more than a couple of weeks. They also make you more susceptible to stomach ulcers. They act by decreasing stomach acid, when the real problem may be too LITTLE stomach acid. This is just a bare minimum outline of this topic. Another thing you might try is eating an apple a day.

Stay away from artificial sweeteners and any foods with monosodium glutamate in them. Both can wreak havoc with your digestive system and your body. MSG can cause serious diarrhea. The only way I know to stop it is to take 10 capsules of Detox by Solaray. And you have to stay from MSG for life. Read labels. Depending on how sensitive you are, it may be sufficient to stay away from foods that specifically mention MSG, but also, if you are very sensitive, you will need to learn the approximately 30 different names used to hide the fact people put extra MSG in food. Stay away from hydrolyzed vegetable protein completely, and be careful of yeast and some other ingredients I'll have to look up. If you determine that you are super sensitive, I'll get that information for you. Both artificial sweeteners and MSG are excitotoxins, which means they excite neurons and burn them out. MSG can also do serious damage to the adrenal glands, which among other things, can make you prone to panic attacks.

If you want to go into more detail about any of this, let me know. I hope this helps. Let me know how you do, and if you find an answer. Take care.

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