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Do you have any recommendations for alternative medical techniques for someone who has glaucoma?
atleast relieving the pain

Hello, linda,

This is outside my area of expertise, because I focus on the validity of various alternative therapies in light of a biblical faith. That said, I have heard that apparently marijuana will treat glaucoma. I do NOT recommend marijuana, because even if you take it medicinally, it WILL harm your brain.

It would be a good idea to ask another expert about this.

Here are some links that may be helpful.
This link mentions homeopathy. My experience with homeopathy is that it may be rather capricious, and can cause the very condition it is supposed to help. Many of the "stronger" doses contain no substance at all, and would only work by spiritual means, which could have serious consequences in the long run. I also do not recommend yoga. It is a spiritual practice intended to put a person into an altered state of consciousness where he is susceptible to the suggestions of evil beings. Other than that, this article may be marginally helpful.

Use the search term "glaucoma alternative treatments" for other potential links. Use discretion and discernment. If you are unsure of any recommendation, I will be happy to comment. I hope you will find a good answer. Take care.

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I can answer questions about which modalities are effective, and which are less effective, or outright quackery. I can answer questions about which modalities have a spiritual component, and explain why they do. I can advise Christians on which modalities they can practice without violating their faith. I can locate resources, that will help a person find a practitioner. I can help a person figure out what questions to ask of a practitioner, and what kind of practitioner to seek. I can also recommend internet resources for various health problems. I can discuss various martial arts, explain the theories behind them, and explain which require a spiritual component, and which rely on physical forces for their effectiveness. I have studied various religions for a number of years, and can talk about meditation techniques from a Christian point of view.


I have experience as a patient with a number of alternative therapies. I have researched many of them, and know which ones are more effective than others. I particularly focus on which therapies would be compatible with the Christian faith. Some modalities have a spiritual component, which is not compatible. I have also practiced herbalism with my family and friends for a number of years. I have experienced various kinds of physical manipulation for dislocated joints and other similar problems, and I have trained in the martial arts, which is relevant to some therapies. Martial arts are also therapeutic. I have also been writing a book on the uses of Sonoran Desert herbs, which already has 900 pages. It is a review of information in the literature, coupled with some of my personal experience. I have done the research for this book in eight languages. I also have done strength training and weightlifting. I am familiar with some technique and nutrition.

I studied the use of Sonoran Desert herbs with Peter "Bigfoot" Busnack. I studied midwifery with Norman Casserley, aka Mister Midwife. Three of my children were born at home. I have a second degree black belt in taekwondo and have also played judo and studied Kem Scrima Do.

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