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I'm very confused about what I should go to school for exactly and what colleges online I should consider. I'm very interested in working with animals but I don't want to work as a vet tech or veterinarian. I would love to work in a zoo where I would work hands on with the animals or a farm as well. There are no local colleges that would offer any type of degree that would be relevant to working in animal care/behavior. There is a few local zoos that offer internships for people who are in school for those type of degrees but I'm not sure where online I could find them. I have heard from people that usually an associates degree in this field is enough but you would need hands on experience such as volunteering or internships in order to be considered for a career. I just would love to work with animals such as caring and training and maybe even therapy as well. I'm really curious as to where I could go online and take some courses that would actually appeal to employers. PLEASE help me figure out what I should do and HOW. Thank you!

I would suggest you google "online courses for working with animals."  I know you don't want to be a vet tech, but I went to a few different sites that provided some good resources for different careers that could be good possibilities.  Meanwhile, I would suggest you try to volunteer in some animal areas to get an idea of what your options are for a career, and what is required in the way of further education.

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