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I know this is really hard to believe(my counselor was pretty speechless too a couple years back) but I have a perfect SAT score, alone with perfect scores in SAT Math and Physics; but my gpa was a 2.0. I really goofed off during high school, I was depressed and it affected my grades suffered considerably. I go to City Tech now and my GPA is a 4.0, I'm trying to be a Civil Engineer. I want to transfer into Columbia but I don't know what my chances are. Whatever my course of action is, I really want to get a graduate degree from Columbia.

Hi Mohammad,

There are many questions that come to my mind, some of which are...
1.  Why do you think you goofed off in high school?  What has changed, has it changed?
2.  When you say "depressed", do you mean in colloquial or clinical terms?
3.  How if any has your sitation since changed?
4.  Do you have the requisite courses to transfer?  Major, pre-major, and/ or GE requirements?
5.  Is your goal to become civil engineer or to transfer into Columbia?
6.  Transfer means for B.S. Civil Engineering, but you said graduate degree, which do you mean?
7.  You really should meet with your transfer counselor at City Tech to help guide your prospect for TRANSFER if that's what you are really aiming for.  If your goal is to become civil engineer, gain work experience or internship in the field BEFORE you apply to graduate programs.  They will certainly look for this.
8.  Strong test scores are nice but it raises a big red flag for schools, shows student doesn't always expend full effort.  You'll need strong extracurricular to offset your extremely low GPA.  I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but virtually all graduate programs require a minimum gpa of 3.0.  Of course there are always exceptions...

Best to finish strong at some four-year instituion then apply for grad program at Columbia.  You will have an utmost unpleasant experience if you narrowly define your option to Columbia's CE program.  Therefore, set up multiple paths toward the same goal of becoming a civil engineer.  

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