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hello I'm cristel i just wanted to ask about choosing courses that would really fit for me..
my first love was really to be a nurse someday but lately i started confusing bout what i really wanted to take..because in our country here in the Philippines there's a lot of nursing graduates who cannot apply cousin was advising me to take a nutrition course but was really confused because i don't have the idea and was afraid of calculating all those stuffs because I'm not really good in math but wanted to pursue that thing.. I'm  not that good in math especially when its really hard to solve but I was really passionate on taking good care on sick people.hope you could send me your answers or your ideas on what is the best thing to do..cause I'm really confused..and i don't know what's in there for me.. please..please help me..
thank you so much

Hi Cristel,
I think it is important for you to keep in mind that you really want to take care of sick people.  There are many careers that might help you to reach your goal.  I would suggest that you do some internet research or talk with an advisor at a local college who could help you decide which courses you should pursue to reach your goal.  Not every college major involves math so don't let that scare you away from courses you may need to take.

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