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My name is Eileen Artigas. I currently go to Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami, Florida. I am a junior. With the rush for college right around the corner, I have begun to panic. Although I do not yet exactly know what I want to study, I do know I will not be continuing in the arts. I love history, especially art history. I love learning about culture, so anything related to international relations, philosophy, history, political science, etc... interests me. I am considering perhaps going to law school, but I am not really sure. I want to major in something versatile, but that will secure me a good financial future. I  want to be able to study something I like, while still having the possibility of learning a good living afterwards. I need guidance as to which schools I should look into. I have good grades, mostly A's, a few B's. I take AP courses (as many as I can, because my school does limit the amount of AP's I can take) and am looking into maybe an internship of some sort. I do a lot of community service, mostly dealing with kids with disabilities, especially Autism. I want to make my applications as attractive as possible to colleges, but don't know exactly how to. I study for the SAT's everyday, and am aiming to getting as high a score as possible. I have a lot of artwork, but I don't think that will matter much. I still have a year ahead of me, so I'll do as much as I can. Would running for school office be good? What else can I do? Any particular extracurriculars?  I need so much guidance. What shuld I major in? What would give me more opportunities? Which colleges would be best? Which colleges are more likely to give me scholarships? What can I do to secure as much scholarship money as possible?

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I'll probably have more questions soon,

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Hi Eileen,
You have asked a lot of good questions and I think it is great that you are planning ahead as a junior.  I think you should take both the SAT and ACT this spring and see which test you do the best on.  Colleges are interested in the highest score from either test.  I wouldn't worry about your major at this point because it is important that you major in something that you really enjoy. Colleges are more interested in what you do with your college experience than they are with the major you choose.  There is a lot that I could help you with but unfortunately I need to charge for my services.  I don't know if that is something your parents can afford.  Continue to make the best grades you can and look for any leadership positions that might be available this next year.  The best scholarships are going to come from smaller liberal arts schools.  I help a lot of students choose the best schools for the right fit.  Some colleges are very generous. Hope this helps to get you started.

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