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My name is Eileen Artigas. I currently go to Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami, Florida. I am a junior. With the rush for college right around the corner, I have begun to panic. Although I do not yet exactly know what I want to study, I do know I will not be continuing in the arts. I love history, especially art history. I love learning about culture, so anything related to international relations, philosophy, history, political science, etc... interests me. I am considering perhaps going to law school, but I am not really sure. I want to major in something versatile, but that will secure me a good financial future. I  want to be able to study something I like, while still having the possibility of learning a good living afterwards. I need guidance as to which schools I should look into. I have good grades, mostly A's, a few B's. I take AP courses (as many as I can, because my school does limit the amount of AP's I can take) and am looking into maybe an internship of some sort. I do a lot of community service, mostly dealing with kids with disabilities, especially Autism. I want to make my applications as attractive as possible to colleges, but don't know exactly how to. I study for the SAT's everyday, and am aiming to getting as high a score as possible. I have a lot of artwork, but I don't think that will matter much. I still have a year ahead of me, so I'll do as much as I can. Would running for school office be good? What else can I do? Any particular extracurriculars?  I need so much guidance. What shuld I major in? What would give me more opportunities? Which colleges would be best? Which colleges are more likely to give me scholarships? What can I do to secure as much scholarship money as possible?

Thank you so much for your time,
I'll probably have more questions soon,

Sincerely confused,


Hi Eileen,

Always great to hear from such motivated individuals such as yourself!

You ask very common questions, so it's not a surprise.  I know you're not the first nor the last.  Here are some things I want you to think about:

-  When you are shopping for a car, what are some important considerations for you?
-  What features are important to  you?
-  How much are you willing to pay for such features?
-  What is your primary objective for buying a car?
-  What is your budget?
-  Are there absolute "needs" versus "desires"?  What are they?

What in essence I hear you asking is for which path you should take that'll put you in good place for law school and also "good financial future".  You state your interests are in arts and humanities, but concerned over their utility for securing employment.

My recommendation to you is to research what careers you want to do, then seek a person who is doing exactly that.  Talk to him/her and find out what path they took to get there, also, how they recommend you get to where they are, sometimes their path may not be the path they'd recommend.  Remember, if you're unsure, wait until you are sure and/or attend a local 2 year college to establish your GE requirements, take a few courses that you're interested.  What you don't want to do is jump into a 4 year school without having any direction only to meander and rack up debt and frustration over poor GPA because you can't undo your grades.

The assistance you need should be available through your college counselor at your high school?  If there isn't such a person, feel free to ask one the younger teachers at your school, they will be happy to help you.  Another option would be to seek a counselor at your local community college, remember, once you turn 18, you can attend college.  Don't allow the fancy brand of X College draw you in without first having a general sense of your goals.  I know that you've heard the saying, "Point of college is to find yourself and learn", while it is true, there is a cost to compiling poor grades for the sake of exploration.  Besides, these days, graduate schools love students that come to them from a non-traditional path, meaning, NOT right out of undergrad after high school.  

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