Choosing the Right College/College Fit


What makes a college a good fit for a prospective student? How do you go about deciding if it is? Should it primarily based on how you feel on the campus?

A good college fit should be one that suits you academically, personally, and financially.  This means that you are looking at colleges that offer you the right majors that you are considering and as much academic challenge as you like.  This also includes whether you like large lecture classes or more the kind that are discussion based.  Personally, you should look for colleges that offer the activities you enjoy and the atmosphere that will enable you to make the most of your college experience.  Are you more liberal or conservative?  Do you want an active Greek scene?  Financially, if money is an issue, how generous are the colleges with scholarships and financial aid?  What are the chances for you to quality for either or both?  

I always ask students questions of this kind before recommending particular schools.  They also fill out a questionnaire that give me some insight into their goals and personality.  College visits are important for you to get a feel for each school you are considering.

Choosing the Right College

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