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Hi, i hope this is related to the "college admission" topic. I'm from Asia. I'm in my last year of high school and will be attending college soon. My main concern is choosing the right course. I'm interested in medicine (and always dreamt to be a doctor since i was little). But looking at the economic demand these days, my parents think i should take something on the mathematical side (such as actuarial science).
My teacher recommends taking the maths side since she said i have "a mind for it". Ever since then, i doubted my long-time ambition to be a doctor. I ask myself is this right for me?

To be very honest, medical schools are not concerned with your major as long as you have taken the necessary science courses.  If you love math, that could work for you.  Medical schools like to see a diversity in students' majors so you should take the major that you will find most interesting and challenging.  This will keep your options open for any number of careers.

Choosing the Right College

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